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Connecticut Manufacturing Assistance Center

C-MAC will employ individuals that are experiencing poverty and other barriers to obtaining full-time work that leads them to self-sufficiency. Coupled with employment individuals working for C-MAC will also have access to computer training, math, language, life skills, online GED, High School Diploma completion, counseling to and enter community college training to acquire to new skillsets for future employment opportunities.

Also, C-MAC will provide services to individuals in the area of manufacturing work experience, internships/externships coupled with other academic, computer skills training, life skills, counseling, and other supportive services in conjunction with other programs in the area.



Mission Statement

Our mission at C-MAC is to satisfy the needs of you and your customers using our local workforce. Our team of highly skilled managers works with you to understand the need of your specific job requirements and match those with our local workforce to deliver a high-quality final product in a timely and efficient manner. You get high quality work done in a timely fashion and our local workforce gets an opportunity to add value to regional manufacturing.


Satisfied Customers

“At ITW, we are a supplier to the automotive industry…some of the most demanding, efficient, and speed-driven customers around. We have turned to C-MAC over the years for time-critical re-work and QA projects. C-MAC has always delivered: Their controls, consistency, and cost management are superb.”

Steven Furth
Plant Manager
ITW Automotive Products
Lakeville, CT


Our Capabilities

  • Automotive Hand Assembly
  • Network Cabling Solution Kits
  • Orthodontics Wire Products Packing
  • Basic Machine Operation
  • Collating & Sorting
  • Manual Testing
  • Visual Inspection
  • Disposal of rejected material
  • Off-Site Assemblers & Operators
  • Quality Control & Inspection
  • Packing & Repacking


How we do it

C-MAC prides itself in providing Quick, Quality Control and Confidence

Our experienced management team delivers “start-to-finish” turnkey operational controls, including:

  • Detailed order quoting to support accurate pricing and capacity planning.
  • Inventory management — including segregated, secured and locked inventory storage, defined part count accuracy process and management to support specific customer inventory control requirements (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly).
  • Written and visual process routing control sheets to ensure process accuracy and product quality.
  • In-line inspection of manufacturing process to meet/exceed customer quality requirements.
  • Accounting/Order processing controls including purchase order, receivable and inventory reconciliation by P.O. (the purchasing and accounting functions will love this)
  • Clean, orderly work environment.
  • Flexible, well trained workforce that can expand rapidly to support customer’s needs quickly.



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Eligibility Requirements

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