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The mission of New Opportunities is to improve the quality of life for economically disadvantaged individuals by providing the necessary resources to increase their standard of living, foster self-improvement, and maximize self-empowerment.  We have pursued this mission for decades and are very proud of the progress our community has made over the years.


We have been fortunate, over the years, to have partnered with many organizations that share our mission – and our dedication – to making a difference in the community.  The contributions of our partner organizations have made it possible to help improve the lives of thousands of Central Connecticut residents.  And, we know that we cannot do it all alone; working together with our partners, all of us make a greater impact than we could working alone.


If you are part of a club, a group, a company, foundation – any organization interested in joining with us to make such an impactful difference in this community, please contact me, William Rybczyk, President of New Opportunities.  I promise your willingness to, interest in, and ideas for partnering with NOI to improve the lives of so many will get my personal attention.

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