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Rachel Perez, Chairperson

Board of Directors

The Directors of New Opportunities bring diverse backgrounds and life experiences in a range of areas that combine to create the bricks and mortar of our communities. They are committed to providing for the needs of those they assist in a manner that exceeds funding source expectations. Again and again, they find a way to enact their mission of supportive service with dedication and excellence.


Rachel Perez, President

Melissa Green, Vice President

Charles Hoffler, Treasurer

Maritza Rivera, Secretary


(Listed alphabetically)


Dora Bennett
Rosa Carlascio
Mary Conklin
John Davis
Deneen Fryer
Melissa Green
Gaylynn Hadley
Charles Hoffler
Joyce Kennedy-Jones
Dr. Eddie Joyce
Alexa Keener
Victor Lopez
Rachel Perez
Maritza Rivera
Michele Saavedra-Slappey
Belinda Weaver


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