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Senior Dine

Senior Dine is a dining out nutrition program available to anyone age 60 or older, regardless of income, who lives in the Greater Waterbury or Greater Danbury areas. Developed by New Opportunities Senior Nutrition Services, seniors may dine at any participating restaurant. Diners may also visit any of the designated restaurants at a flexible range of specified hours and select from an array of delicious and nutritious multiple course meals on the special Senior Dine menu. The suggested donation for the food is $3.50 to $5.00 per person, depending on income. While some of the restaurants involved offer these meals during hours ranging from an early to a very late lunch, others are open for breakfast and an early supper as well. Senior Dine is made easy as those in the program are given their own Senior Dine debit card which the restaurant swipes when the person is ready to pay for their breakfast, lunch or dinner. Here is how the program works:

  • Contact Senior Nutrition Services and tell them you’d like an appointment to join Senior Dine.
  • Those joining will submit an order form and provide their first donation, based on the number of meals they would like to pay for at that time.
  • The Senior Dine will arrive in the mail. The card can be used within 24 hours of receipt.
  • Once a senior is in possession of their identification card, additional donations may be sent to Senior Nutrition Services by mail, or online, to replenish the original amount as it is consumed by dining at Senior Dine locations.

Members of Senior Dine can use their cards at any specified restaurant during the Senior Dine hours. The following is the easy process which will enable Seniors to enjoy freshly prepared, nourishing meals while they socialize and enjoy themselves for a comparatively small expenditure:

  • The Senior Dine card should be presented to the server before ordering.
  • The server will swipe the card to register the credits paid for the meal and give the diner the receipt. No cash is exchanged.
  • The receipt will indicate how many dining credits remain on the card. Once down to only two credits, it is time to send in a donation which will be registered as additional credits on the person’s card.
  • While the suggested donation is $3.50 to $5.00 per meal (depending on income), the meals are valued at $7.50. Seniors are asked to tip their servers based on the full value of the meal rather than the donation value.

Both individuals and groups of the appropriate age are welcome to join. Senior Dine cards also make a welcome gift. For more information call Senior Nutrition Services at (203) 757-7738 .



Contact Us

Greater Waterbury

  • (203) 757-7738

Greater Torrington

  • (203) 757-7738

Eligibility Requirements

Age 60 or older

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