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CT Food 4 Thought: Local Food. Local Jobs.
Home Gardening

Local Food.

CT Food4Thought will bring fresh, nutritious, pesticide-free food to local food banks, shelters, soup kitchens, and schools to communities throughout Connecticut. In addition, the farm will also supply retail grocery stores and co-ops with fresh produce as a way to generate income to support all of NOI’s programs. New Opportunities has partnered with an industry-leading Controlled Environment Agriculture Technology company, AmHydro of Arcata, CA.  The CT Food4Thought greenhouse, the first of three planned facilities, will open in Torrington, CT in late 2021.

This hydroponic farm will use 90% less water than conventional field agriculture and will be able to produce more than 10 times the amount of produce that traditional growing methods yield. The farm will also be able to operate year-round due to the environmental controls inside the greenhouse that can simulate the perfect growing conditions for plants even in the dead of winter. This will allow people in Connecticut to have access to fresh, local produce all year in comparison to the normal outdoor growing season in the area that lasts approximately 120 days.

Local Jobs.

Of equal importance to the Central Connecticut community, CT Food4Thought will provide jobs and job training.  Jobs in the greenhouse, jobs in delivery, jobs in packing and shipping, and more.

The mission of the farm is to provide entry level, safe, clean “green jobs” to members of the community.  Specifically, CT Food4Thought wants to offer these job opportunities to those with developmental disabilities, those who have been previously incarcerated, and those who are unemployed as a way to provide a path to higher level employment opportunities in both this industry and others, such as: the field of nutrition, food safety, environmental management, and horticulture.

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