AIDS/HIV Assistance Program (AHAP)

The AIDS/HIV Assistance Program (AHAP) provides a variety of services to those with HIV and their sex partners, along with women in high-risk situations. Available help consists of support groups, transportation, emergency financial assistance, individual counseling and case management with client advocacy.

The program is targeted to people in the correctional and criminal justice systems, substance users and their partners, and people awaiting placement for substance abuse treatment, psychosocial services or medical care. It also seeks to reach those who are newly diagnosed or who have repeatedly become infected with sexually transmitted diseases (STD).

Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS (HOPWA)

Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS (HOPWA) provides rental subsidies and case management services for individuals and families with HIV/AIDS or related diseases. The program aims to reach people who are infected with HIV/AIDS and who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The client’s case manager is responsible to develop individual case plans that define the client’s needs and then to develop goals and strategies to meet those needs.

The case manager is also responsible for conducting outreach, screening and tenant selection in a program designed to follow Connecticut Aids Resource Coalition (CARC) Quality Assurance Standards.

For more information, call the AIDS/HIV Assistance Program at (203) 575-4337 in Waterbury, (203) 639-5060 in Meriden or email Info [at] NewOppInc [dot] org.

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